Simplify your projects

Simplify your project with design boards

Save what you love, select products, engage professionals and keep track of your project from concept to completion.

Manage your project virtually,
from concept to completion

Follow your project's progress and ensure it stays on track. Store ideas, files and photos all in one place, and stay in touch with personal and professional networks.


Save what you love

Turn inspiration into reality by finding the best for your project.

Upload files, photos, quotes and more

Keep your project documents all in one place, and share with everyone involved in the project.

Define your vision and share your ideas online

Define your vision on your boards and share your pins and boards with friends and family on social media.

Invite friends, family and professionals

Invite your friends and family to collaborate, and brief design and construction professionals to ensure your vision comes to life with all communications in one place.

Comment and get responses in real time

Discuss your ideas with everyone you've invited to your design boards, and make the best choices for your project together.

Contact professionals and product suppliers

Save time and send simultaneous enquiries. Request quotes, specs and any information you require from multiple product suppliers or professionals at the same time.