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Ferndale-Sunderland House

The Ferndale home had to be designed to meet the requirements pertaining to eco responsibility set by the tough Ferndale covenants and design guidelines, which were established to retain as well as enhance the character of the site. These guidelines were put in place to promote sustainability, energy efficiency and renewable resources. All homes in the subdivision must meet minimum energy efficiency ratings as well as adeptly integrating hard and soft landscaping in the design.

The design had to meet the following criteria to be approved for construction:

  • Positive relationships between buildings, landscaping, and landform
  • Recognition of natural processes (e.g. sun, wind, rainfall) and utilisation/provision for them
  • Outstanding performance in respect to energy and water efficiency
  • Materials that respond to the environmental context of the site and embody principles of sustainability
  • Colours and finishes that are compatible with the landscape
  • Site layout and landscaping that engages with public spaces and adjacent properties
  • Respect for existing development and levels of privacy and amenity
  • Minimal areas of hardstand

It was built for a young family, as well as being a builder’s own home. Hence we needed to showcase his skill to a wide audience, and it had to be equally appealing to young couples, families and retirees.

Builder: David Reid Homes Kapiti

Photographer: Leroy James

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